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The Black Diamond Zenix IQ

The Black Diamond Zenix IQ – Efficiency at its bestheadlamp.bmp

Stop wasting batteries with other headlamps. The Black Diamond Zenix IQ can give you everything comparable headlamps offer, but with the use of less power. While many similar headlamps use 3 to 4 AA batteries, the Black Diamond Zenix IQ only needs 2.

Don’t let the lack of batteries fool you. The Black Diamond Zenix IQ still packs plenty of punches. Powered by 3 LEDs, the Black Diamond Zenix IQ can brighten up even the darkest of spots. There is one hyperbright LED and two superbright LEDs that are combined to give you a wide selection of power setting.

Some fast facts about the Black Diamond Zenix IQ:

  • Lensed HyperBright LED for a long, directional beam
  • Two SuperBright LEDs for proximity lighting
  • Six individual lighting options
  • Fully-adjustable head strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (included)

Another awesome feature of the Black Diamond Zenix IQ is the charge meter. No longer do you have to worry about your headlamp going out while hiking along in the middle of the night. This meter allows you to see just how much power is left in the headlamp before you go out.

To make the Black Diamond Zenix IQ even more energy efficient and easy to use, there is a memory mode. This memory mode remembers what setting you turned the headlamp off on. When you power the headlamp back up, it starts on the last used power setting. No more having to cycle through 6 lighting modes to get to the one you want.

The Black Diamond Zenix IQ weighs in just shy of 6 ounces. Not bad for a headlamp of this size. The entire unit is water resistant and fits using a adjustable head strap.

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