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The Back Door Guide to Short Term Adventure Jobs

For a few years I did nothing but work short term seasonal work. I had no plan from one minute to the next. I went from being a whitewater rafting guide; to being a bum in Costa Rica; to running sled dogs in Alaska. I had no formal training in any of these jobs before I got them. Sounds dangerous I know. I could have killed innocent boy scouts on the river or became the next episode of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.”

The years went by, boy scouts earned badges, the dogs won races, and everything was great. Sounds like an exciting life to lead, I know. I was lucky enough to find these jobs haphazardly through my travels, but not everyone is. That’s why I recommend the book, The Back Door Guide to Short Term Adventure Jobs.

This book is amazing. Every kind of outdoor job is here. The book gives you the low down on each employer. You will find out what you’ll be doing, length of job, perks of the job (pay), requirements, the first step in getting the job, and where to get more information. Being that the book is 400 plus pages, it’s like a bible for those of us who refuse to work the 9-5.