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The 9 Most Idiodic Hybrid Gizmos of All Time


And the holiday gifts lists continue. It seems that these lists of bizarre gifts are as part of Christmas as the fruit cake that keeps on giving. Today’s novelty gift list comes to us from the guys over at Men Style.

The gift list is entitled, But Wait Theres More. An ode to the hybrid devices of the twentieth century that don’t quite make sense. I’ll agree with the guys over at Men Style that some of these gadget just don’t make sense. Who really needs a Dick Tracy style watch when they have a cell phone?

But some of these picks are just dumb. A coffee maker that tells you the weather is a good call in my opinion. While you’re fixing the coffee you can see what the temperature is so you know what you need to wear. You could always go outside, I know, but Im trying to make a point.

What do you think of some of the gadgets on this list?