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Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes

Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes – Not your average water shoe.
Teva has recreated the water shoe with the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes. Forget those old school water shoes that look like the came out of the late eighties. The Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes are a revolutionary new type of water shoe that can easily handle water activities as well as land based explorations. If you are the type of outdoor enthusiast who likes to explore everything, wet or dry, without having to worry about your gear; then you need a pair of shoes that can keep up. The Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes might just be that pair of shoes.

I actually came across these shoes while at Sea World if you can believe that. If you have ever been to Sea World, you would know that it is actually an awesome idea to wear a pair of shoes like the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes to it. Theme park wear aside, these shoes are a nice combination of trail shoes and water shoes. That said, they are more water shoes than trail shoes. They have a lot more grip and padding than typical water shoes and even offer a lot more protection. But, I don’t see them being comfortable on extended day hikes through rough terrain like the Merrell WaterPro Maipo Water Shoes

I like to think of the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes as glorified water shoes. The nylon mesh uppers not only let the water drain quickly from your shoes, but also help keep river debris and trail debris out of the shoes. In addition to draining quickly, these mesh uppers are also made to dry quickly. To make sure you don’t slip, the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoesv feature the same great Spider grip soles that their Teva Guide sandals use. This grip is super sticky, but tends tow ear out pretty fast with regular use.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $100

Why they rock:

  • Nylon mesh uppers let water flow freely from shoes and dry quickly for comfort in varied elements; thermoplastic urethane overlays offer support
  • Drainage system in uppers allows excess water to escape in all directions for enhanced comfort and performance
  • Durable pull cord allows quick adjustment and easy entry and exit; special pocket at top of tongue stows laces and lace locks
  • Wraptor Fit technology snugs securely across insteps while pulling webbing in at heels and arches for a supportive, static fit even when wet
  • Polyester mesh linings help protect bare feet from pressure and abrasion and dry quickly
  • Drain-Frame molded EVA insoles add cushioning; perforations allow water to escape so feet don’t have to swim
  • EVA and polyurethane midsoles absorb shock and transfer it for enhanced push-off energy
  • Nonmarking Spider Rubber outsoles deliver grippy traction on a variety of surfaces, especially in wet environments
  • Outsoles feature mesh drainage ports for full water expulsion

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 7 out of 10
If you are just looking for a pair of good water shoes to wear from time to time when you go tubing, rafting, paddling, etc; then the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes should work well for you. If you are a serious outdoorsy type looking for a serious amphibious shoe, then you probably don’t want the Teva Sunkosi 2 Water Shoes. They don’t offer much support and protection as other shoes in this class and also wear out a lot faster.

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