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Teva P.1 Bootie

Teva P.1 Bootie – Part shoe part bootie.
A while back Teva create this hybrid bootie of sorts. It is part bootie part sandal thing. If I sound like I am being unclear, it is because the Teva P.1 Bootie is sort of hard to explain. There aren’t a lot of other products like it on the market. At the time of its unveiling, there was almost nothing like it but a pair of socks. Yes socks. The best way to to describe the Teva P.1 Bootie if you have never seen them is to compare them to those socks that have little spots for each of your toes, toe socks. Being that I am a big kayaker I had heard alot about the Teva P.1 Bootie but never bothered trying them out until recently.

As you can gather, the split toe feature is supposed to be a big selling point to the Teva P.1 Bootie. I know what you might be thinking, so what is the big deal about the split toe? Honestly, Im not really sure. The Teva website says that the split toe is supposed to help enhance your lateral control while kayaking. Im not even sure I know what that means or how the split toe can help me do that. I have been kayaking for years without a split toe bootie and never had any problems. Nor did I notice better control because of paddling with a split toe bootie.

Now I’m not trying to bash the Teva P.1 Bootie by any means. I think the Teva P.1 Bootie are decent booties and feel safe in suggesting them to others. All I am saying is that in my opinion, the split toe feature seams like a gimmick. Other paddlers that I have talked to that wear the Teva P.1 Bootie say they like the split toe because they feel like it gives them some extra grip when walking around of rocks and portages. The rubber on the bottom and sides of the Teva P.1 Bootie also offer a decent amount of grip on wet and dry areas, but not so much that they “stick” inside of your boat and are hard to move around.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $50

Why they rock:

  • Seam-sealed, 3mm neoprene uppers provide warmth for a day on the water
  • Elastic midfoot straps provide an extra measure of security by preventing your foot from slipping out of the bootie
  • Nonmarking Spider Rubber outsoles offer you great traction on wet or dry surfaces and superior lateral control while kayaking
  • Internal split toe construction further enhances your lateral control while kayaking
  • Outsoles extend over the top of the toe for additional traction and protection

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

I know this post might sound a bit like a bad review of the Teva P.1 Bootie, but it really isn’t. I was just trying to all the hype of the Teva P.1 Bootie out of the way so that you could see the Teva P.1 Bootie for what they really were. What they really are is just your basic run of the mill booties with a few little bells and whistles. Whats nice about all these little bells and whistles is that you don’t really pay extra for them. The Teva P.1 Bootie are priced pretty comparable to other decent booties of a similar fashion.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $50