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Teva Noosa Shoes

tevanoosaTeva Noosa 2 Flip-Soles—Flip-flops and walking shoes in one

When I first read about the Teva flip-soles, my immediate thought was “Why hasn’t anyone come up this idea before now?” For avid travelers, who often have the walking shoes versus flip-flops debate when packing (though I usually just bring both), having a shoe that combines the two seems to solve the dilemma.

Somebody at Teva had obviously faced the traveling shoes dilemma before, and Teva Flipsoles shoes are the brainchild of that debate- flip flops and shoes living together in the same body. Wear shoes on earth surfaces. Wear flip flops on hostel surfaces. Worry not about feet. Go forth in comfort and style.

The flip-soles are perfect for sliding into the flip flops for breakfast downstairs or athlete’s foot avoidance in untried hostel showers, but remember to allow an hour (at least) drying time after wearing them into a hostel shower before you put the flip flops back into the shoes, though.

While the flip-flops work splendidly for the shower or inside the house, don’t count of being able to walk to the beach in these sandals—they are for sure indoor flops that don’t work well outdoors.

The Quick and Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
Teva Noosa Shoes $49.95

Why they Rock:

    • Walking shoes with removable indoor flip-flops built into inner soles.
    • Waterproof Nubuck (suede-ish leather) upper.
    • Suede-like inner sole flip flops have soft nylon straps and cushy rubber “outer” soles.
    • Half lace-ups; sturdy shoelace eyelets.
    • Weight: 12.9 oz. per.
    • Colors: “Grille” – sorta sandy color. May be able to find chocolate brown, too.
    • Sizes: women’s 5-11.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Teva Noosa Shoes $49.95