TEVA Guide Sandals

TEVA Guide Sandals – When Chacos won’t cut it.
teva guide sandals

I love Chaco sandals. They are quality sandals and worth every penny. But what happens if you want the quality and design of a Chaco, but are a diehard TEVA fan? You check out the TEVA Guide sandals. Over the years the TEVA Guide sandals have slowly morphed into Chacos with a few extra features.

The TEVA Guide sandals aren’t designed like most of the sandals in the TEVA line. They are a lot more “strappy” and less “velcroy.” As I said before, the TEVA Guide sandals have a few more features than the Chacos. The two big differences are the padded heel and the buckle. The heel is made up of a rubber coating padding sew onto the monofilament tubular webbing. The metal cam adjusts all of the sandals straps to give you a secure fit. Cooler still is that it has a quick release to let you get out of the fast.

Are the TEVA Guide sandals better than Chacos? Who’s to say? It’s Pepsi vs. Coke in my opinion. All I know is that they are both awesome sandals made by awesome companies. Both sandals are a great investment for any summer time travel involving water, rivers, and rocks.




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Are you a TEVA or Chaco fan? Which do you think is better?