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Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack and Dry Bag

Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack and Dry Bag – A heavy duty waterproof backpack.
So many of the waterproof backpacks on the market seem to be built for waterproofness first and designed as a backpack second. Now I know that when designing a waterproof backpack you aren’t going to get as many features as you do from a traditional backpack, but cant there be some? Most waterproof backpacks are nothing but a dry bag with some sub par shoulder straps sewn in. The Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack on the other hand is about as nice as waterproof backpacks come.

If there is one thing that Teva knows well, it is water sports. They understand the value of having good waterproof gear for sports like kayaking and rafting. Which leads me to believe that they wouldn’t put there name on something waterproof if it in fact didn’t hold up well. The Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack is made up of some super tough and super waterproof materials. The Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack is also radio frequency welded to ensure complete waterproof protection.

The features that I think are really cool on the Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack are the ones that don’t have too much to do with how waterproof it is. The Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack is one of those few waterproof backpacks on the market that are actually more than just a waterproof bag and shoulder straps. The smaller pocket on the front of the Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack isn’t waterproof, but still water repellent. It is designed for holding commonly used gear, but also features a hydration port for bladder use. How many other waterproof backpacks have that?

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $150

Why they rock:

  • Body is made of durable, PVC-free thermoplastic urethane vinyl that’s chlorine and dye free
  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom handles all types of outdoor adventures—from camping to whitewater rafting
  • All seams are radio-frequency welded for superb longevity and complete waterproofness
  • Watertight closure system with integrated vertical compression features an interior rip-and-stick closure for extra leak protection
  • Valve-free dry sack uses breathable discs made of waterproof eVent fabric, allowing air to be pushed out while keeping water from entering
  • Front panel features a welded, water-repellent zippered pocket for storing often-used gear
  • Pocket also has a clear window and hydration port (reservoir sold separately)
  • Removable contoured shoulder straps use breathable foam for backpack-like comfort
  • Side compression straps allow you to stabilize the load and lash on extra gear
  • Side handles make it easy transport the bag when you’re not carrying it on your back
  • D-ring lashpoints on sides of bag allow for convenient attachment to boat decks, car tops or bike trailers

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

I haven’t actually tried out the Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack and Dry Bag, but I can honestly say that I would feel comfortable buying this over the internet sight unseen. Normally I wouldn’t suggest such a thing in waterproof gear, because there is so much crap out there. But I trust Teva enough to know their gear should work as described and Im sure the Teva Exopod Waterproof Backpack and Dry Bag is no exception.

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