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Ten Essential Things to Take on Holiday [Sponsored Post]

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When you’re planning your holiday it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement; reading the guidebooks, organizing everyone, finishing off all your work! With so much going on it can be easy to forget the essentials and the things that just make traveling a lot easier. With that in mind we look at the essentials!

1. Passports

While this is fairly obvious it’s amazing how often people forget their passports. Triple check that you have them before you leave the house. Make sure you photocopy them as well so that you can recover them if lost and get replacements easily.

2. Tickets

The same as passports and many of us can’t imagine forgetting them; but in the chaos of getting everyone organized it’s actually fairly easy. Print out on arrival tickets are the very best way to get around this; just make sure you print off your confirmations and any other details.

3. Photocopies of everything

While the chances are you won’t lose anything on your travels having photocopies of all your important travel documents means that you are well prepared and losing anything won’t ruin your holiday. Keep a photocopy set in each item of luggage to be extra safe.

4. Luggage Labels

Luggage labels help you track down lost items really easy but they also make it much easier to spot your luggage on the carousel when you arrive; which means you get out of the airport even quicker and can start your holiday! Use bright and colorful ones and make sure you add your address and hotel.

5. Sun Cream

It might seem obvious but tracking down sun cream can be a pain in some destinations and countries. Take a plentiful supply with you and make sure you use it! Getting sunburnt on your first few days is a very easy way to spoil a holiday!

6. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit lets you take care of any small problems. While healthcare isn’t too much of an issue in most countries in more exotic locations you’ll want some plasters, sterilizing gel and cleaning wipes et al. This way you can treat minor cuts and grazes without risking infection!

7. Towels

If you’re going anywhere with a beach then towels are an essential as you’ll want something to take to the sea or for sitting by the pool. Not all hotels provide beach towels so check before you travel to make sure that you have them if needed.

8. Day bag

Forgetting a day bag is an absolute pain as you always want to have something to carry towels, water, guidebooks and, of course, all the souvenirs that tend to find their way into our possession over the course of a holiday. Pack a reasonable sized lightweight rucksack so you can carry anything you need.

9. Adapter

In our modern age we all like to stay connected and take our gadgets and gizmos with us but forgetting an adapter can put a serious dent in our plans to stay connected. If you make sure you get an adapter then you can keep everything running smoothly. It’s a good idea to invest in a universal adapter if you travel a lot!

10. Cameras

While most of us now have phone cameras the truth is that a real camera will take much better photos. So try and remember to pack your camera and bring the charger and films. This way you can get the best snaps possible and memories that will last lifetimes.

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