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Tamrac Velocity 10 X Sling Camera Pack

thumb2Tamrac 10X Pro Sling Camera Pack—a padded sling pack that gives you easy access to your gear while keeping it safe

Since traveling and photography so often come together, finding a good travel camera case that will protect your gear while you are out on the road is an essential. Having a pack that allows you quick and easy access to your camera while still looking good is an added bonus.

The Tamrac Velocity 10X Pro Sling Pack carries your photography gear in an easy to access pack that holds two full camera bodies with long lenses and more. The Velocity 10X carries enough gear for a professional in the field or an amateur in the nicely padded pack that has a unique sling that allows an easy to get at way to carry your pack.

The single backpack strap allows you to carry the bag messenger style and easily swing it around when you want to access your gear. The pack has a zippered top that opens toward the shoulders with the opening easy to get at while it’s against your body so you can quickly dig around for your gear.

The pack also has some great additional organizational features and pockets. The smaller compartment on the top has plenty of room for card folders and batteries as well as chargers for the cameras and can also hold things like the smaller manuals that come with the DSLR cameras.

The two compartments easily hold all your essential smaller gear while the main compartment can hold the rest.

Not only do the pockets make it easy to keep you gear organized on the go, but the bag is also designed to protect your camera and equipment when traveling. The Velocity 10X has ample padding on all sides—both on the top and bottom to protect gear and has padded dividers to keep your gear from jostling around on the move.

The Velocity 10X is is also designed to be comfortable. The shoulder strap is also padded for comfort and the waist strap has padding for about two inches out from where the straps attach to the body of the pack.

The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Tamrac 5770 Velocity 10x Pro Sling Pack (Black)

Why it Rocks:

    • Tuck-A-Way waist belt allows the Velocity 10x to be used comfortably during vigorous activities such as hiking or biking
    • Can hold one or two pro-sized DSLRs with lenses attached, additional lenses and a flash
    • Will protect you gear– cameras with lenses attached are suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers that are internally reinforced with rigid plastic
    • Can be carried comfortably like a backpack
    • Quick flip top allows body for fast and convenient access to camera gear
    • Well-padded sling strap comfortably distributes the weight
    • Front pocket has organizer pockets inside to keep a mobile phone, PDA or photo accessories within easy reach

Seat-of-the-pants raring: 8 out of 10

If you are looking for a messenger style camera bag that is comfortable to carry, keeps you equipment safe, and provides quick and easy access to your photography equipment the Tamrac Velocity 10 X Sling Pack is a solid choice. The 10X Velocity is the largest in the popular Velocity sling pack style of Tamrac packs, allowing you to carry as many as 2 cameras with lenses at a time. The padded shoulder strap is comfortable and the one strap sling style allows you to quickly swing the bag to your front to access you camera on the fly.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Tamrac 5770 Velocity 10x Pro Sling Pack (Black)