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Symbiot Sportback Review

Symbiot Sportback – Not your typical daypack. $39.99

The Symbiot Sportback is designed to fit snugly against your body. The Sportbacks claim is that it doesn’t move while running, climbing, hiking etc. It has a crazy look, unique design, and tons of pocket space.

The Sportback that I tested was a large and a bit too big for my lean build. Because of this, I didn’t get to experience the full design of the backpack, but I got a good idea. My first impression from looking at the backpack was, “wow, that’s pretty crazy looking.” Because of its unique look, I had to try it out.


Once I got my hands on the Symbiot pack I started looking through it. It seemed everywhere I turned, there were pockets and places to put things. Even after a full day of hiking, I found pockets I didn’t know existed. There are two small sized pockets on the front chest of the pack, perfect for small cameras, snacks, keys, etc.

When you first put on the Sportback, it feels a bit odd; it doesn’t sit where backpacks normally do. Instead, it wraps around your chests and buckles in the front. Once you get used to it, you hardly even notice it’s there.

My only real gripe about the Symbiot pack is the zipper. It dosen’t appear to be anything more than a basic zipper. I can see the zipper easily blowing out on an overstuffed load.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Symbiot Sportback features:

• Adjustable chest & shoulder straps
• 2 multipurpose chest pockets
• Breathable padding w/wickable mesh
• Large hydration/gear pouch
• Exterior cargo compression flap
• Various multipurpose pockets
• Weight: 1.75lbs
• Capacity: 200


Want to get your hands on a Sportback? Check out their website here.