Switchback Max ES 22

Switchback Max ES 22 – Award winning travel pack.

switchback max es

Outside magazine awarded this travel pack “gear of the year” for 2007. With it larger daypack and improved suspension, the Switchback Max ES is better than ever. Find out why people are ranting and raving about the Switchback Max ES.

The Switchback Max ES is one of the few travel packs with a full size day pack. Many travel packs seem to throw on daypacks as an afterthought. They tend to be small and not as useful on demanding outings. But not the Switchback Max, this day pack is as good as they come.




The Switchback Max ES meets airline carry on requirements when the day pack is removed. The pack also has some nice protection features. There are some hard core corner cards on parts of the pack that take a beating. There are also wheel covers that protect the wheels from getting beet up by stairs and baggage handlers. In addition, if anything ever happens to your Switchback Max ES, Eagle Creek will fix it free of charge.

Want to learn more about the Switchback Max ES? Check out these facts:

• Integrated zip off backpack with new and improved suspension and increased capacity
• Meets most airlines’ carry–on requirements (with daypack removed)
• Enhanced Comfort Zone® Carry System distributes weight evenly and comfortably for the long haul
• Handy sunglass pocket in daypack
• Suspension system easily tucks and zips away for check-in or while in “wheeling” mode
• Pockets designed specifically to fit the Eagle Creek Pack-It® System
• Touch Point® Handle System – Ergonomic handle and durable straight tubes maximize packing space
• Organizer pocket on front of daypack
• Flip out water bottle pockets for H2O
• Unique Sole Patch corner guards protect critical wear points with TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane)
• Durable kick plate and wheel housing protects the bag from urban obstacles such as stairs, curbs and taxi cab trunks

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