Sure it’s a Flashlight and a Smoke Detector, but does it also wash dishes?

torch.jpgIf you are like me – and heaven help you if you are – you like to sit around a campfire and enjoy a few adult beverages until you are frothy at the mouth and in a catatonic state. This can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous for more than just your liver. Fire is nothing to mess around with. Just ask those witches in Salem.

There is a new gadget out that sounds ideal for those camping and traveling. The Flaresafe is powerful LED flashlight as well as a smoke detector and 110 decibel SOS/distress alarm. What could be better than waking up to a fire and being able to see it with your flashlight?




Seriously, this is a neat little toy that could very well save your life so unless you hate freedom you might want to consider purchasing one.