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Strange Stocking Stuffers

strange-gifts.jpgSo you read all of our holiday gift list ideas and got the perfect present for that special someone, but now you need to work on their stocking stuffers? No worries, we are here to help. I have spent many a grueling hour online searching for the best, or should I say, most unique gifts online.

Who wants candy and tooth brushes in their stocking when they could have training toilet paper or a panty tug-of-war? Here is my list of some of the best stocking stuffers on the web:

Training Toliet Paper – Incase you were unsure of how to use it…

Reserve your spot in heaven – Don’t think you’re gonna make it? For only $24.95 you can assure yourself a spot upstairs. AS an added bonus you will also receive an all access VIP pass.

P-Mate –A handy solution for when a woman wants to pee like a man.

Hand Bags Made from Used Tires – Its no Prada, but is eco-savvy!

CheckSite Safe Surgery System– Helps keep surgeons from accidently removing the wrong breast. Sounds like a good buy to me.

Artificial Retractable Foreskin – The world’s first ever artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men

Panty Tug-o-War – Old school foreplay not cutting it? Try some panty tug o war to get you in the mood.