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Solopipe – A lighter and bowl all-in-one.
“Solopipe is the revolutionary self-igniting smoking apparatus that combines refillable, adjustable butane lighter with a high quality tobacco smoking pipe.”

This invention was a long time coming and I’m glad someone finally took the time and money to put it together. The Solopipe has a lot of really nice features:

Sliding Bowl Cover: The cover allows you to expose or close the bowl whenever you feel like it. This way, should you chose to stop smoking; you can simply cover the bowl. The contents of the bowl are secured and won’t end up falling out or making a mess in your pocket.

Refillable Valve: Each Solopipe is designed to be refilled with standard butane that can be found just about anywhere.

Adjustable Flame Control: Beside the mouth piece is a standard flame control that will let you adjust the size of the flame based on your smoking needs.

For now, you have to order the Solopipe via email at the website. Check it out at