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Slumberjack Camp Seat

Slumberjack Camp Seat – Great space saving chair.
The Slumberjack Camp Seat is ingenuity at its best. Who needs one of those new fangled folding chairs when you can get two pads and some straps. Sumberjack Camp Seat might not look as pretty as those chairs you can buy at the grocery store, but they will save you plenty of room in the trunk.

The simplicity of the Slumberjack Camp Seat is what makes it so great. Because of its design you can use it just about anywhere. You can use it on the ground when there is no other seating, on a bench to add back support, or on a log for that matter.

Another great thing about the Slumberjack Camp Seat is that it has a variety of uses. Folded shut, it works great as a seat cushion if your bum gets tired in the car. It also works well as a makeshift pillow or window blind. I’d like to see your new fangled folding chair do that!

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What is your chair of choice on road trips?