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Sleep Sack Giveaway Winner!

First, I’d like to thank all of you who sent in your “I wish I would have had a Sleep Sack When…” stories. We’ve been seriously grossed out by a couple of them here at BootsnAll – so you’ve definitely succeeded in making your point of why you could have benefited from having a sleep sack.

Our winner, Kirstin tops the pile, with a fear-factor-like stomach churn when I think about it. We were going to make her get up in front of everyone at the BootsnAll Party to read her story, but then we had compassion. We’ll just blast it all over the internet instead.

So here you are, Kirstin’s prize-winning story of why she deserves a sleep sack:

Feb. 11, 2006 somewhere off the coast of Honduras

Its 3am at the only bar open on the island and it’s packed; standing room only. One bathroom exists to cater to all of us very drunk people. (Not that it’s much of a bathroom to begin with; it is a toilet that dumps directly into the ocean under the dock). And with rum and cokes selling for 45 cents, we were all pretty much gone. I waited patiently in the ladies line for my turn and coming out of the bathroom there was no possible way to go left because of all the people, so instead I took 1 step to the right. Evidently, this was not enough for the door to open all the way, so I took 1 more step to the right…. right off the dock.

Amazingly enough this is the only 2 foot wide space on the whole dock that does not have a railing. The reason it does not have a railing is because this would be the men’s room. (Would have been nice to know this ahead of time I suppose).

So now I’m drunk and swimming around in the ocean under the dock, which also happens to be the toilet, it’s too deep to stand and there are no ladders to get out. A couple people were nice enough to pull me back up onto the dock so that I could leave in abject humiliation. Too bad the digital camera and the mp3 player went swimming with me as well.

Quite conveniently, on this day the water in my house had gotten turned off and all my clothes were at the laundry mat. So after a shower in my friend’s house I stripped down to my underwear and crashed in the hammock on his porch. I got rather cold during the night since I didn’t have a blanket and woke up with about 500 sand fly bites.

I think the Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack would have made my humiliating night a little more comfortable. But at least I got a good story out of it.

We’ll also be posting the runner-up soon. I only wish I would have more of these sleep sacks to give you all, but alas, we only had the one. Thanks for your entries, and keep an eye out for more giveaways coming up soon!