SkyMaul – When You Want Really Weird Travel Gear

Any self-respecting traveler already knows about SkyMall. Ho-hum… What we really need for entertainment in airline seat-back pockets is SkyMaul where we can follow SkyMaul’s motto to “shop till you drop…from the sky.”

Now this wouldn’t be nearly as funny if all this spoof was amounted to only a photoshopped cover of an imaginary magazine. You’re in luck! You can go flip through the magazine with SkyMaul’s Flipbook and see what they’ve got in store for you. This is funny and wrong all together on many levels. There’s even some SkyMaul promo videos on YouTube.

Here’s the best part! Many times you find a funny spoof online that you can’t get your hands on. Now you can!




Kasper Hauser’s SkyMaul is available at Amazon for only $10.17.

I was going to list my favorite SkyMaul items, but there’s just too many.

What’s your favorite SkyMaul item?

Via: Written Road