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Sierra Designs Lightning

sierra-designs-tent.jpgSierra Designs Lightning – Bright and Light.

Ideal for the casual camper and backpacker, the Sierra Designs Lightning provides you a light weight tent that offers apple storage, a bright living space, and plenty of ways to stay organized. With an average weight of two pounds per person, the Sierra Designs Lightning is a no brainier.

If the two pounds per person is a bit much for you, don’t sweat. In nicer weather you can always setup the rainfly and poles for a super light tent. Combine that with the tents optional footprint and you have yourself a backcountry shelter that weighs next to nothing.

Specs on the Sierra Designs Lightning:

  • Sleeps 2
  • Weight 4pounds 5 ounces
  • Floor area is 31 square feet
  • 3 Season
  • 1 door
  • Peak Height 3 feet 4 inches

Color coded webbing on the Sierra Designs Lightning makes pitching the tent so easy a child could figure it out. The DAC featerlite NSL are a new design and have an even better strength to weight ration than older featherlite poles.

The specially designed, pre-bent po9le on the Sierra Designs Lightning maximize living space without adding any extra weight to your load. On the guyout loops you’ll find a reflective strip allow for night visibility. The reflective zippers also make find them in the dark easy. The optic white tent canopy lets in more light and creates a super bright living space even with the rainfly in place.

The floor of the Sierra Designs Lightning is a SuperSeal floor that has all the benefits of catenary and bathtub floors. The raised floor seams are taped to provide you with full weather protection. As a Sierra Design exclusive, the tent is treated with TentGaurd with Ultra-Fresh to prevent mildew and the growth of odor causing bacteria’s.

Ready to buy?

Check out this price: $249.95