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Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier

Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier – The Cadillac of baby carriers.
While the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier may be designed for backcountry travel, it is stylish and practical enough for use around town, at festivals, for day hikes, and plenty of other activities. From the sun shade to he rain guard, the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier is so feature packed that you will wish there was one big enough for you to fit in!

The Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier is designed with the elements in mind. There is so much protection from the rain and sun that you could carry around the little one in a hurricane should you choose to do so. The Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier has a a topper that can be used as a sun shade. Should the weather get bad or the brush get a little thick, you can hook up the rain cover to the topper for added protection.

A nice feature on the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier is the ability to adjust the harness without having to take the pack off. The Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier uses a special Backtrack OFT suspension which will micro adjust while you are wearing it. The child’s harness also features optional stirrups that allow the child to balance themselves or correct their positions.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $142

Why they rock:

  • Fully padded bucket seat and sides; seat is fully adjustable to raise or lower child for comfort and vision
  • Five-point chest plate is a soft foam harness that supports child securely with five fasteners, three that unbuckle for loading/unloading
  • Adjustable Backtrack OTF suspension micro-adjusts while you are wearing it—no need to set the pack down in order to readjust the harness
  • Carrier frame is made from a tubular aluminum bar that increases stability when sitting on ground
  • Removable kid pack with shoulder straps helps kids or parents tote toys and essentials
  • Comes with Topper sunshade/rain cover to protect your little one from the elements and guard against unruly bushes and branches
  • When not in use, Topper stores in bottom pocket against the back of carrier
  • Manufacturer recommends child weight not to exceed 50 lbs., with total load including child not to exceed 70 lbs.
  • Foot stirrups let child balance themselves in the pack or right themselves when they slouch over to one side; stirrups are removable
  • Zippered bottom compartment lets you stash diapers, toys, snacks and clothes

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Along with all the comforts for you and the wee one, there are plenty of storage options on the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier as well. Two large zippered pockets give you plenty of places to store diapers, toys, snacks and more. If you spend as much time outside as you do inside, you will want a baby carrier that can handle such an active lifestyle and the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier can surely do that.

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Amazon: $142