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Selling Your Travel Photography

By adding great travel photography to your travel writing, you’re sure to make your work stand out. What if you aren’t a writer though? What if you lack the skill to make words flow ever so eloquently from your pen? What if you’re a photographer, but not a writer; then what do you do?

Skip the writing and just sell your travel photos. There a number of stock photography websites that are always on the look out for high quality digital photographs. When I say high quality, I mean high resolution. No matter how high the mega-pixels, a little point and shoot digital camera won’t cut it. You need a professional digital SLR if you want to really sell your travel photography online.

If you are serious about trying to sell your travel photography, learn as much as you can about advertising photography. It is much different from conceptual photography. Stock agencies don’t like creative lighting, weird angles, and strange cropping.

Here are a few places that you can look into selling your digital travel photography once you have some high quality samples to show them.

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If you ever want any advice about photography, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to share my advice.