Seat Belt Extender for all Major Airlines

Seat Belt Extender for all Major Airlines – Not my most politically correct piece
Wow, I don’t even know where to start about these little beauties. In case that name of the product doesn’t give it away, these are made for people who are just too big for standard airline seat belts. The first thought that comes to mind here is; if you need to buy one of these, why not buy an extra ticket and clip the two seat belts together. It will make you and the stranger beside you much happier.

Now I understand that there are some generally big people who might find this product useful; football players, women weight lifters, Star Jones, etc. But if you need one of these big you are just downright obese, I suggest skipping the in flight meal and using the phone to call Jenny Craig.

These bad boys come in 24in extensions, all the way to 28in. Keep in mind that’s in addition to the seat belt on the plane.




“Pro Travel Gear Seat Belt Extenders are compatible with nearly every major domestic and international commercial airline. Constructed with the same high quality materials and exacting FAA standards, our extenders can provide you the added comfort you desire.“

What do you think about these seatbelt extenders?