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Scottvest – Gear Management Clothing

At any given time how many techno gadgets and other items do you carry on your person while traveling? Until the advent of the iPhone, I carried several. In my pockets you could find a digital camera, cell phone, iPod, wallet/passport, keys, pen, and a small notebook. While that’s not a lot of stuff to carry in a backpack, it is a lot of stuff to cram in your pockets.

Traveling with a backpack isn’t always the smartest of choices. For those times you have to load down your pockets with all this stuff. Your pockets become bulky, just screaming that they are filled with who knows what. All that crap is uncomfortable, but thankfully there is a new company designing clothing for the technologically advanced traveler.
Scottvest markets there line of clothing as “Gear Management Clothing” and rightly so. Everything they make from polo shirts to cargo pants are full of hidden pockets, cord organizers, and much more.

Take a look at the Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece. For the must have iPod user, you can control your iPod through the jackets fabric. There is also a series of Velcro loops to help keep the earphone cords organized and out of your way. The hood sports earbud loops that keep your earphones close at hand when not in use.

There are also two internal pockets that hang. This hanging effect lets you add bulky items without them protruding, leaving you with a streamlined look that would full any thief. The jacket also sports a weight management system that uses special fabrics in the shoulder areas to better distribute the weight of all your gear and gadgets.