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Scottevest Travel Vest & The No Baggage Challenge

Travel writer extraordinaire Rolf Potts set out on August 21, 2010 for a round-the-world journey without carrying a single piece of luggage.  Taking the ultra-light trend to the extremes, Potts will explore 12 countries on five continents over the next 6 weeks without even a daypack or money belt.  The few items he does bring with him on this No-Baggage Challenge will be tucked away into his pants or vest pockets.

Decked out in Scottevest (SeV) apparel, Potts will attempt to make it around the world with only two t-shirts, one long sleeve, a jacket, and a pair of cargo pants.  SeV travel wear is super lightweight and wrinkle-free with multiple pockets to hold all your travel accessories and gear.

With 14 pockets in the SeV Ultimate Cargo Pants and 18 pockets in the SeV Tropical Jacket/Vest, Potts should have enough places to stash his travel essentials like his camera, toothbrush, passport, and sunscreen.  The SeV Performance T-shirt will keep him dry and comfy as he cruises through Egypt and South Africa and his SeV Performance Pullover Q-Zip for extra warmth in New Zealand and Australia.

If you would like to follow along with Potts during his round-the-world trip with no luggage, visit the No Baggage Challenge on Twitter.  View all the clothes Rolf Potts is bringing along on his journey in his video below.