Sanyo Xacti

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6 – A small weatherproof digital video camera.

The Sanyo Xacti VPC is the extreme model in the company’s line of digital camcorders. How extreme is it? Well, it is designed to take pictures and video anywhere but underwater. The Sanyo Xacti has multiple shooting modes, a 2 inch LCD, and more.

sanyo xacti

When I went to Costa Rica I bought an affordable digital camcorder for around $250. I had dreams of travel footage and becoming the next Liza from travelistic. Unfortunately, that camera was junk. It had a terrible digital zoom, couldn’t shoot in low light, awful sound quality, and had almost no megapixels. Had the Sanyo Xacti been around then, I would have forked over the extra $100 to buy it.




Don’t let the size and colors of the Sanyo Xacti fool you, it’s no disposable digital camcorder. This sucker has a 6.3 megpixel sensor and multiple shooting modes. You can use the Sanyo Xacti as a camera, camcorder, or even a webcam.

Do you need some good footage for your podcast? The Sanyo Xacti has a shooting mode especially for iPods and other MPEG4 media players. Pretty cool. In addition, the Sanyo Xacti also has a great image stabilization built in to help keep your podcasts from looking like home movies.

Want to get a Sanyo Xacti so you can start your own podcast? Check them out here:

Have you used a before? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations?