Samsung Anycall SCH-B6000 – 10 Megapixel Camera Phone

Samsung Anycall SCH-B6000 10 Megapixel Camera PhoneSamsung’s Anycall SCH-B6000 is a REAL camera phone. When you really want to travel light, combining 2 gadgets into one helps bunches but until now, most camera phones just wouldn’t cut it.

It’s probably more camera and entertainment than phone, considering it sports a 3x optical zoom lens which, plays MP3’s, has the capability for satellite DMB TV, and a TrueColor LCD screen. The camera also features a flash and auto-focus. Oh, and you can record video at 15-30 frames per second too. And, a TV-out function to play those videos on a larger screen.




Need we say more? If you live in Korea, and have about $900 to spend, you can go pick one up now.

Read: Samsung Press Release Via: Gear Live