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SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kit Review

If you’re lucky, with your 16th birthday came your driver’s license, a car, and, of course, the car emergency kit. Now, it’s easy to get excited about the license, and the car (no matter how ugly!) but the jumper cables, bottle of water and emergency blanket never got our hearts pumping. God forbid those times that we actually had to pull them out of the trunk and figure out what was the best way to set up the reflection triangle. We had AAA for a reason.

SafetyGirl KitEnter in the SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kit. Unlike the bright orange box the takes up half of your trunk, we promise this is gift you will use. Shaped like a metal lunchbox, the kit crams in more goodies than we do at tradeshow giveaways.

In addition to must-haves like water, bandages, matches and a candle, the kit comes equipped to tackle everyday emergencies with cleaning wipes, deodorant, tampons, a nail file and chapstick. And not just generic-brand stuff either – these are name-brand, reputable items.

The kit also contains clear-cut directions on how to change a tire, jump start a car and what information is needed for an accident report. Should you ever have to use your accident report card, SafetyGirl will send you another one for free.

Some of the things in the kit can’t last forever, however, there’s a handy note to advise you of what’s best to take out before your car spends quality time in the sun.

Although it won’t replace the traditional jumper cables and AAA card, the SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kit is a great gift for any woman of the road – especially if she’s planning on a big trip!

Things we’d suggest for future editions? Small packets of sunscreen and an optional contact lens case with solution for contact wearers.

Why Have it: You wish you had sample sized everything with you at all times.
Why Leave it Behind: You don’t drive, or already carry all that stuff in your mammoth-sized purse.
Super Cool Extra: Chocolate. Seriously. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kits are available online at for $29.95.