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Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro Bindings

Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro Wide Brake Ski Bindin—great all-mountain binding that’ll keep you in when they’re supposed to (powder days, bumps, hard landings) and will let you go when they’re supposed to.

As a girl who loves doing everything from hitting the jumps to bombing groomers to cutting fresh tracks through the trees or in the backcountry, when it comes to looking for a binding, it’s important that I find one that keep me buckled in when I need to stay in my skis, but aren’t so tough that they won’t release when they need to. I’m all for avoiding popping out of my bindings (there was once an incident that involve popping out of my bindings at an inopportune moment and getting a pretty big bash to the skull), but I also don’t want bindings that are so determined to keep me locked in that I end up breaking my leg. Enter the Rossignol Axial—a binding that manages to keep you in when you’re supposed to stay in your skis, and releases you when you need to be released.

These bindings are created with a wide, 100 mm break bar and are definitely designed as backcountry oriented or an all-mountain skier. It is an ideal for an advanced skier who need a little more our of their bindings—especially for those that usually like to opt for cutting fresh tracks versus sticking to the groomers. This binding also has a great upper-end release feature with instantaneous energy transmission between your boot and ski edges. The Axial 2 120 Pro also features a sliding Axitec2 plate in the toe that makes for smooth releases when you need it.

This binding is mostly great because it’s super durable—while I’ve only ridden on these for one season, my brother has skied at least 300 days on them without any problem. The pronounced rise on the back also encourages a comfortable leaning-forward stance. Plus, because this binding is so well designed, you won’t need to spend hundred more trying to get a binding with a super high Din setting—the 12 DIN on this binding works just fine even for very advanced skiers.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro Binding

Why they Rock

  • Created for advanced all-mountain skiers who prefer all-terrain skis with a wide waist
  • Durable components last through many seasons of hard use
  • Split toe piece releases in all directions
  • Sliding Axitec 2 AFD plate behind toe piece to facilitate smooth releases
  • Binding Width: 100 mm
  • Toe: 20mm Total Height, Heel: 26mm Total Height
  • Ability Level Advanced – Expert
  • Brake Width (mm) 100
  • DIN: High 12 DIN: Low 3

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

The Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro Wide Brake Bindings are perfect for the skier who shreds aggressively down all parts of the mountain. The new reinforced Dual Action III toe piece case that holds up to heavy use while strengthening the binding torsion bar interface. This gives you more rigidity when you need it most—like when you’re going faster or landing harder than you anticipated. The Axial2 120 Pros are for the skier who’s ready to advance to the next level of skiing, and wants a binding that will keep up and shred hard on every bump, turn, carve, and jump. A great binding for the all-mountain skier looking to take their ski game to the next level.

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Rossignol Axial 2 120 Pro Binding