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Road Trip Gear

Summer time is officially here. People are graduating, raft guides are getting work, and families are planning vacations. It is undoubtedly true that many of the aforementioned groups, and others, will be taking a road trip or two. Ah yes, the open road, so many infamous travel quotes could be used here to eloquently introduce this blog. But instead of ripping off Jack Kerouac, I’ll jump to the point; road trip gear.

There are plenty of packing lists for hiking, round the world travel, biking, and more. But how often do people cover what to bring on a road trip? Not many, and I don’t plan on starting a list. What I will do though, is share with you a few cool things I have found that might be a nice addition to your road trip gear list.

Luxury Road Trip Gear List:

Budget Road Trip Gear List:

The road trip gear you can bring along is directly proportional to the size of your car and its trunk space. Of course you can always add more trunk space with the Mountiansmith Cargo Case System or by just strapping bags to the roof.

I’m interested in hearing what other road warriors deem a necessity on their road trips. There is of course the obvious items such as iPods, shades, camp chairs, and coolers; but what unique items do you find a must have on your road trips?