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REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel

REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel – wheeled duffel with plenty of space and a pleasant price tag

Duffel bags are a valuable piece of gear to have. They may have a simple design, but it is that simple design that makes them so darn versatile.A large duffel bag is perfect for anything from family vacations to the Magic Kingdom to hauling climbing gear across the country and airport.

Take all the pros of a good duffel bag and add on some wheels and a handle and you have yourself an even more versatile duffel bag – the REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel. Better that the bags versatility is its price tag. For around $169 you get a big, tough, and versatile rolling duffel bag.

Like most good rolling luggage, the REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel features a large U-shape opening for the main compartment. This wide opening lid makes the bag easy to pack, no matter how large or awkward the contents may be. While this isn’t usually a big deal when packing for a family vacation, it can be extra handy when packing gear for adventure sports and things of that nature. The inside of this main compartment is huge and big enough to carry just about everything you could possibly need for a vacation or gear heavy sport.

Unlike many other duffel bags that just sport a single large compartment and maybe two end pockets, the REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel has a variety pockets with a variety of uses. On the outside of the bag there is a separate zip compartment great for storing dirty clothes, wet shoes, or any other gear you want to keep separated.  Inside of the main compartment there are four zippered pockets that help you keep your smaller items organized and easy to find. There is also a small side pocket for keeping small things like keys and plane tickets easily accessible.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $169

Why they rock:

  • Main bag features a large U-shaped opening for easy access and a separate top zip compartment for wet clothes and dirty boots
  • Rugged wheels roll smoothly and quietly over parking lots, carpets and uneven terrain
  • Telescoping handle lets you pull the duffel with ease
  • Four interior zippered pockets to organize and separate small essentials
  • Small exterior side zip pocket allows quick stashing of last-minute items such as multi-tool, toothbrush and journal
  • Beefy high-density foam-padded main carry handles for traditional duffel-style carrying
  • Top and side compression straps cinch the load tight, helping to stabilize the gear and increase content’s security
  • Padded grab-handles at each end allow quick two-person grabbing and hucking from ground to car, train or boat
  • Rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panel supports bag when rolling; bottom bumper allows bag to stand when parked
  • Zippers on main compartment are lockable for added security (locks sold separately)

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are into gear heavy sports or are just a heavy packer, then the REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel might be perfect for you. It has all of the key elements of a good duffel bag plus a wide variety of extra features that make the REI Wheely Beast Rolling Duffel an outstanding duffel. For well under $200 you get a rolling duffel bag specially designed for travel that has a ton of room and an assortment of pockets.  What else could you ask for in a duffel bag?

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