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REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag

REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag – Cheap and versatile warm weather bag.
After having just spent two nights in a muggy tent with warm temperatures, even in the evening, I realized just how important a good warm weather sleeping bag is. So often when people look for a sleeping bag they only think about it keeping them warm. For some reason they fail to think about comfortable it will keep them on warm nights. I understand the need for a good three season sleeping bag, but I would like to suggest that buying a cheap warm weather sleeping bag is as good of an investment as a top of the line three season sleeping bag.

Rather than carrying around a bulky cold weather sleeping bag with you in warmer months that you won’t sleep in, why not fork out a hundred bucks or so for one you will actually use? You might surprised at just how big of a difference a warm weather bag can make. The REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag is a perfect example of what a warm weather sleeping bag should be, at least in my opinion. This sleeping bag has all the features I would look for in a warm weather sleeping bag, including the price.

When it comes to warm weather sleeping bags I don’t think there is any real reason to spend a lot of money on them. In all reality they tend to jut end up as a glorified blanket rather than a sleeping bag. Because of this, I can’t justify spending a huge chunk of change on one. The REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag cost just over a hundred bucks, which I think is the perfect price. On top of being well priced, it is also extremely lightweight and very packable. This makes it great as an emergency sleeping bag that you keep in the bag for unexpected outings.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $109

Why they rock:

  • Lightweight 600-fill-power goose down is efficiently distributed to maximize warmth with 60% of the goose down on the top and 40% underneath you
  • Quilted polyester taffeta construction is durable, smooth and prevents goose down from migrating
  • Anti-snag full-length zipper lets you open up bag for use as a quilt
  • Contoured hood features differentiated drawcords (one round, one flat) for easy hood and neck adjustments in the dark
  • Relaxed fit from hips to knees gives you room to move, increasing sleeping comfort
  • External zippered chest pocket keeps watch, glasses and other small essentials within easy reach
  • Includes stuff sack and large cotton storage sack

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Because warm weather sleeping bags like the REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag tend to be used more like a blanket than a sleeping bag, I like to look for ones that can offer some alternate uses. Not alternate in the sense that they can double as a tent, but more sleeping oriented. The REI Travel Down +45 Sleeping Bag can work well as a make shift sleeping pad for those warm nights when you don’t have a sleeping pad. When packed in its stuff sack, it also works well as a pillow for those nights when you do have sleeping pad.

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