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REI Taku Rain Jacket

REI Taku Rain Jacket – Affordable and award winning.
One piece of gear that a serious backpacker should never be without is a good rain jacket. They are one of those things that you never really realize just how important they are until you get caught in the backcountry without one. Once that happens, you will most certainly never make that mistake again. Likewise, if you have got caught in the backcountry during a bad storm and had a rain jacket that was sub par, you can appreciate the value of a good rain jacket. The REI Taku Rain Jacket is one such jacket.

So many good rain jackets cost an arm and a leg. It is not uncommon to find them in the $250 and up range. While the REI Taku Rain Jacket may only be slightly cheaper at $199, it has just as many features, if not more, than some of the more expensive rain jackets n the market. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. In 2005 it was a Gear of the Year winner for Backpacker Magazine. Not much as change don the REI Taku Rain Jacket since then, as there is little to change. The REI Taku Rain Jacket performs as well now as it did in 2005. There’s something to be said about a jacket that doesn’t need improving over the years.

So, just what are some of the features of the REI Taku Rain Jacket that make it as impressive as other expensive rain jackets? One thing that I really like about the REI Taku Rain Jacket is its cut and flexibility. So often rain jackets are made with a very slim fit that doesn’t always allow for a good range of motion. The REI Taku Rain Jacket however, gives you a good range of motion with stretchable fabrics without being overly baggy. The end result is a fit that is comfortable, breathable, and movable.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
REI: $199

Why they rock:

  • A great selection for aerobic activities in cold conditions when you may encounter windy, wet weather
  • Think alpine touring, climbing, snowshoeing and spring skiing
  • Top of hood, shoulders and cuffs are made from a three-layer REI Elements® nylon/laminate fabric offering waterproof, breathable protection
  • Stretch fabric in the lower body and in hood offer comfortable four-way stretch, high mobility and breathability
  • All seams are sealed for weather-tight protection
  • Core body vents allow air movement and help regulate body temperature; they’re positioned so as not to interfere with backpack straps
  • Storm hood has stretch side panels and cinches down for a close fit with unhindered peripheral vision
  • Full-length front zipper is backed by a wind guard that rolls over zipper to protect chin from abrasion
  • Articulated elbows, pattern shaping at upper back and no underarm seams allow full range of motion; jacket stays in place when arms are raised
  • Features two hand pockets and one chest pocket
  • Front zipper, chest pocket and hand pockets are all welded and feature water-resistant zippers
  • Drawcord hem and elasticized cuff backs with adjustable tabs seal in the warmth
  • Athletic, close-fitting cut is thermally efficient and doesn’t inhibit movement
  • Windproof to 60 mph

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

The REI Taku Rain Jacket is a pretty nice buy if you ask me. It has all of the features of many of the more expensive rain jackets, but with a lower price tag. If you are in the market for a really good rain jacket but don’t want to spend over $200, I suggest checking out the REI Taku Rain Jacket . Sure, its only a dollar less, but its stll a great deal.

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REI: $199