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Redfeather Guide Series Snowshoes

512fbaf-m5l_aa280_Redfeather Guide Series Snowshoes—the ultimate backcountry snowshoe model designed to conquer long journeys into difficult terrain

If you plan on spending most of the time strapped into your snowshoes venturing into deep untouched powder fields in the backcountry, than the Redfeather Guide series of snowshoes are a solid choice. While not designed to do well on packed trails or for the more casual snowshoer, they are built to perform in the backcountry.

The Redfeather’s engineering for winter backcountry getaways includes a wide high-floatation profile and rugged construction that gets you through the deep stuff while hiking, backpacking and climbing. The rounded tail design helps keep you above the snow even when you’re loaded down with a heavy backpack (though keep in mind that the 230-lb. rating for this size includes you and your pack weight).

The Guide series also feature aggressive, stainless-steel crampons for digging in on your descents and giving you traction even in icy conditions. They also feature Pilot II bindings with injection-molded frames that provide lateral foot support, and toe and heel straps secure your boot.

Thanks to a pivot-rod hinge, the back of the Guide Series Snowshoe stays in the snow as you step, creating more float and allowing the tips to stay up in deep pow.

The Guide is also constructed with an indestructible powder coated frame (that helps shed snow) and Hypalon II decking, which ensures durability and dependability.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
Redfeather Snowshoes Guide Ultra Snowshoe

Why they Rock:

    • Crampons: Condor crampon system is Redfeather’s largest, most aggressive stainless steel system with serious rear crampons for stability when descending hills.
    • Aluminum frame is powder coated to shed snow and ice.
    • Frame: Oversized 7/8 inch extruded 6000 series aluminum tube; round tail design; powder coated tangerine
    • Decking: Hypalon II; black with tangerine
    • Hinge: Pivot rod hinge does not lift heel of shoe on each step, allowing tail to drag in snow for added flotation and keeps tips up for use in deeper snow.
    • Binding: Updated for 2007, the Pilot II is designed to fit every conceivable type of footwear, Features an injection molded frame for superior lateral support and two flexible plastic straps which criss cross the boot’s toe

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are a serious mountaineer or badass who spends a lot of time trekking through the backcountry (even when it’s covered in deep blankets of snow), than the Redfeather Guide Series snowshoes are a solid choice. They are designed to conquer deep pow or icy terrain with their steel crampons.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Redfeather Snowshoes Guide Ultra Snowshoe