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Q&A Whats the best wheeled garment bag for the price?


“I need to purchase the best wheeled garment bag for the
lowest price:

  • Which brand/model do you suggest (if don’t have a specific recommendation, then what
    characteristics should i look for/stay away from i.e. wheel/handle/material)
  • Expected price I should pay

For whatever reason, wheeled garment bags tend to cost a good amount. Some of the most popular ones range upwards of $300. I’m assuming that you want a good wheeled garment bag at a decent price. With that criteria in mind I would have to recommend the Skyway Montage Rolling Garment Bag.

The Skyway Montage Rolling Garment Bag has all the features you would want in a garment bag and then some. A few of my favorite things about this garment bag are the tough zippers, AttachMate, and the fabric from which it is made.

People always over pack garment bags, then when they try to zip up their over packed luggage they bust the zipper and tragedy ensues. The zippers on the Skyway Montage Rolling Garment Bag are not only big and tough, they are also self repairing. Meaning when you blow a zipper, all you have to do is unzip and re-zip and the problem is solved.

There is also a cool feature on the Skyway Montage Rolling Garment Bag called the AttachmMate. This is a built in system that allows you to attach another bag such as a purse or laptop case to the top of the bag. This allows you to roam around the airport easily carrying two bags with one hand.

The Skyway Montage Rolling Garment Bag is constructed of a tough, water and tear resistant polyester fabric.

Some tips when looking at garment bags
The best piece of advice I can give about research garment bags is to find customer reviews on the bag you are looking at. Customer reviews are going to give you the best feedback on any bag. When looking at reviews, check to see if they mention how often they use their bag and what they use it for. Business travelers are going to give their bags the most wear and tear, so if a busy sales manager says it’s a good bag, chances are it is.

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