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Q&A Mid-grade garment bags?


“I’m looking for a rolling garment bag, something between The Skyway Montage and the Briggs Riley Wheeled Wardrobe Garment Bag. Which garment bags do you suggest? Thanks in advance.”


That’s a tough call. The Skyway and the Briggs Riley bags are basically the same design. But if you have spent any time looking at the inside of wheeled garment bags you have surely noticed some similarities.

Many garment bags sport the same layout internally. Why? Because it works and there isn’t much improvement to be had. In my opinion, when buying a garment bag, the only difference between the $100 one and the $400 is the quality of materials. Zippers are less likely to break and fabric less prone to tearing in the more expensive bags.

So to answer your question, if I had to pick a bag between the two I would pick the Kenneth Cole Reaction Business and Luggage First Impression 45″ Wheeled Garment Bag. It has the same basic lay out as the two bags you mentioned and a tough exterior. Its also a $400 bag that’s currently on sale for $179.96. That means you get top grade materials at a mid-grade price!