Protect Yourself!

As a traveler with teeth, I have long been plagued by the age old question of what to do with my toothbrush when I’m not using it. The unsecure and loose toothbrush is a topic of significant proportion and should not be taken lightly. The wave of rhinovirus foot soldiers are penetrating hotels rooms all across the world at an alarming rate. This is a threat against national security and it demands attention!

Thankfully, the brave men and women of Pacific Dry Goods have stepped up, and invented the Smiley Toothbrush Holder. Protect yourself and your children with this brilliant, never before seen, device. This weapon of little destruction is complex in its simplicity.

“It doesn’t have a motor, much less a computer chip. It doesn’t come with wild claims that it will kill “greater than 99% of all toothbrush germs.” And it certainly doesn’t promise that you will be cavity-free if you use it.”




What does it do?

It gives you a place to put your toothbrush when you aren’t using. Finally, someone has been able to answer that age old question.