Pre-pasted Toothbrushes: a Thing of the Past

Dentakit Pre-pasted ToothbrushSay goodbye to those environmentally unfriendly pre-pasted, disposable toothbrushes. With the new 3oz liquid rule (it’s always a new rule cause they keep on changing it all the time) TSA has implemented, hopefully products like this will die off soon.

Get ready for an enviro-friendly rant: What are we, as humans, collectively thinking?! When it comes down to not being able to take toothpaste on a plane, people will buy disposable toothbrushes too? While I’m a big proponent of convenience, having yet another plastic item to toss into a landfill instead of buying a small toothpaste container at the destination is ridiculous!




Whew! I’m not even a tree-hugger and I feel this way. Hopefully, some other people agree with me that making socially irresponsible products to just to make a buck isn’t cool.

Here’s who NOT buy from: Dentakit