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Pimp Your Tent

Just because you’re living out of a tent doesn’t mean you have to live like a hermit. Gone are the days of simple A-frame tents and cardboard sleeping pads. This is the age comfort, style, and technology! If you are tired of roughing it, here are a few must haves to live it up when living outside.

Coleman Tent Organizer with MP3 Speakers
Keep organized and stay entertained with this tent organizer. The Coleman Tent Organizer has several mesh pockets and pouches for storing all your small personal items like keys, glasses, etc. There are even speakers built into the bag. Plug in your cd or MP3 player and you’ll be the most popular kid in camp. Speakers work for 24 hours on 2 AA batteries.

Coleman Remote Control Tent Light
Do you get overly scared from camp fire stories? Afraid someone or something might be waiting for you inside your tent? Use the remote control tent light and you wont have to. Keep the small remote contral on your favorite caribeaner and you’ll be set. Also works great for finding your tent in the middle of the when you get lost on your pee break.

Eureka Power Reading Light
We have all seen the basic tent light, but that’s o last year. Get hotel style light for you and your tent mates with this reading light that clips on to the tent poles inside your tent.

Cot with Air Mattress
Forget sleeping on the ground with a thin sleeping pad. The Coleman Trailhead SpacSaver Air bed is where its at. It will keep you off the ground and give you all the comfort you need. It’s the next best thing to having your own bed in the tent.

Camp Logic Camping Closet
Going to be living out of your tent for a while? Who says you have to live like a mountain man? Use the Camping Logic Camping Closet to keep your clothes, gear, notebooks and other random gear separated and organized.

Gear Loft
A staple item for any tricked out tent is the mesh gear loft. Empty your pockets into the gear loft before you go to bed. This helps keep your living space clean and clutter free.

Coleman Tent Fan
A must have, especially in the summer months, the tent fan. Buy three or 4 of these and a pack of D batteries and you’ll be set. You might get so cold you’ll need to wear your jacket to bed. One fan runs for 16 hours off 1 D battery.