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Pieps DSP Avalanche Transceiver

Pieps DSP Avalanche Transceiver – powerful and precise avalanche transceiver

With enhanced functionality and new and improved software, the classic Pieps DSP Avalanche Transceiver just got better. Enhanced by the latest digital signal technology and a triple antenna system, the DSP identifies the point of burial within a 50-meter range.  Once a signal is detected, approximate distance is displayed and arrows point the user to the burial spot.

The DSP was the first avalanche beacon created that displays the number of victims buried.  The transceiver quickly scans the surroundings and returns an overview of all buried devices including the number of burials within 5 meters, 20 meters, and 50 meters. After finding the location of the first burial, the searcher can then mark and deactivate the signal so the DSP will automatically start searching for the next strongest signal.

The Pieps DSP is compatible with all beacons operating on 457kHz and can actually test the frequency deviation of all transceivers.  Built-in temperature display, compass, and altimeter make this beacon perfect for professional mountain guides, ski instructors, and frequent backcountry travelers.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find on:
REI: $450
Amazon: $550

Why they rock:

  • Three antenna system pinpoints the location of burials within a 50m range regardless of antenna orientation and burial depth
  • When signals are detected, the approximate distance and direction to the burials are displayed—simply follow the arrows to reach a burial
  • During multiple burial scenarios, the DSP separates the multiple signals and clearly displays the number of buried victims
  • Smart Transmitter works while buried by receiving signals of other burials, synchronizing them, and then transmitting a signal without any overlap
  • Eliminating signal overlap allows the searcher to quickly interpret the audible and visual information with increased accuracy and less confusion
  • Pieps DSP can measure frequency deviation of all transceivers, a great pre-ski tour test to conduct
  • Transceivers that deviate significantly from standard 457 kHz frequency can be difficult to locate because the signal is not detected at full strength
  • Knowing the level of deviation present in a transceiver allows a party to thoroughly assess transceiver operation prior to heading out
  • Improved scan function quickly narrows the field into three distinct search ranges and returns an overview of all buried devices within each range
  • Updated buttons are now easier to use than previous versions while wearing gloves
  • Adjustable, nylon harness with pouch keeps the unit secure and accessible
  • Compatible with all beacons operating on the 457 kHz frequency
  • Operates on three AAA batteries, included

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

The Pieps DSP Avalanche Transceiver is one of the best avalanche beacons on the market.  This transceiver is the best of the best and is intended for backcountry rescue personnel and experienced backcountry travelers.  It can handle multiple signals without confusing the user as long as the user learns how to use it properly.  The device also works well when buried by receiving signals of other burials and then transmitting a signal to rescuer without overlap.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
REI: $450
Amazon: $550