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Petzl e+LITE

Petzl e + LITE – Petzl’s first emergancy headlamp

I’ve always fancied headlamps, actually, had a fetish for them sounds more correct. In fact, you could probably call me a connoisseur of headlamps. They are small, shed light, and if used properly; blind the enemy. What’s not to love about them? If there is one company who knows how to make headlamps, and make them well, its Petzl. ( not be confused with pretzels )

The Petzl e + LITE is actually marketed as a emergency lamp. But it’s compact design and versatility make it great for travelers. The two features I love about the e+LITE are the strap and the swivel.


The e+Lite isn’t on your typical, larger, elastic strap. Its on a thinner piece of elastic that can be easily adjusted with a clip in the back. Big deal you say? This is a sweet feature because it means you aren’t restricted to wearing it only around your head. You can wear it as a necklace ( yes, it’s fashionable too ) or around your wrist.

The swivel that the actual lamp sits on allows you a full 360 degrees of motion. No longer will you have to tilt your head just right to be able to read in your tent.

What about all the specifics you ask? Here you go:

• 3 white LED and 1 red LED.
• Uses CR2032 lithium batteries (included).
• Waterproof down to -1 m. weight : 27 g with batteries.
• 2 lighting levels: economic and maximum.
• White and red strobe mode.
• Clip attachment system and removable elastic headband.
• Shines enough light to allow easy movement in the dark: shines up to 19 m,
• provides up to 4 consecutive nights of lighting (45 hours),
• 10-year guarantee.

Want to get your hands on a Petzl e+LITE? Check them out here: