Pet Travel Bag/Bed/Playhouse

Mewowme SleepypodIf you’re one of the people that think your pets are kids (or better than) and detest the thought of traveling without them, we’ve got the perfect thing for you – well, for your pet.

Designed for a small dog or a cat (up to 15lbs) the Meowme Sleepypod claims to be a mobile pet bed that will let your pets sleep, play and go. I haven’t figured out how to keep my dogs entertained with their pet bed other than watching them tear it apart as I wash the cover, but if that actually works – more power to Meowme. Actually, if it came with a little kitty too, then my dogs might be sufficiently entertained for a while.

If you’re really the pampering type splurge for the optional warmer that features an internal thermostat that keeps the interior temperature around 102 degrees F. That sounds like hot-tub temperatures for us humans, but remember our furry friends bodies already run hotter and it’s gotta be warmer than their natural body temperature.




At 17″ diameter by 13″ high (with dome on) it’s probably a bit too big for air travel unless you buy an extra seat. Of course you will, what was I thinking?

Introductory pricing of $179 for Sleepypod with warmer and $149 without warmer. Available direct from Meowme