Personal Utility Pouch – Fanny Pack of The New Century?

Pup Man-pursePUP gets chicksThis has got to be one of the better (read: worst) things I’ve seen in the last couple weeks! The picture of Mr. Harley (my bad, that’s a Suzuki) reminds me of beer commercials where it’s implied that Budweiser drinkers get all the chicks.

The Personal Utility Pouch (P.U.P) is kind of like a pocket-protector for bigger stuff. I guess you could call it an organizer, but that would mean it’s too practical… This is like a messenger bag meets, well – shrinkage It’s sure not cool, and too small to carry a computer in. What is it good for, besides ruining your mojo?




If you have the urge for a mini messenger bag that ruins your sex appeal, you can buy one for a mere $24.99 (discounted from the “boutique” price of $39.95.) To get one, surf your way on over to, and make sure you have thick ’cause your friends are going to give you loads of crap.