Pantagonia Yard Sale Board Shorts

Yard Sale Board Shorts – Just in Time for Summer

Lately, I have been talking about all kinds organic hiking clothes. I’ve talked about shoes, sleeping pads, shirts, etc; but what about some summer friendly, earth lovin, clothes? Patagonia is here to answer that call with the men’s Yard Sale Board Shorts.

yard sale board shorts




The Yard Sale Board Shorts aren’t exactly organic, but they are still 100% eco friendly. These bad boys are made out of recycled polyester. Recycling polyester might not seem like much, but listen to what Patagonia has to say;

“We now recycle used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments into polyester fibers to produce many of our clothes…Over the course of 13 years, we saved some 86 million soda bottles from the trash heap. That’s enough oil to fill the 40-gallon gas tank of the diminutive Chevy Suburban 20,000 times.”

The Yard sale board shorts sport:

  • Simple style
  • Stitch free seams
  • Single pocket
  • Tie closure

Want to pick some Yard Sale Board Shorts for this summer? Check them out here…