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Panoramio – Your Claim to Fame

Panoramio is a free tool to upload your pictures into Google Earth for all the world to see.

Don’t let your amazing travel photographs waste away like Britney Spears in rehab, do something with them. Let them be free to frolic amongst the world via Google Earth.


By now you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. I’m talking about helping your travel photos live eternally on Google Earth by uploading them with Panoramio.

Panoramio is a photo hosting website that lets you upload travel photos and mark their locations with Google Earth. Eventually your photos will be uploaded into Google Earth for the entire world to see. Panoramio also has some other cool features like trail tracking. It lets you see the map of your trail and your pictures at the same time.

The little features about Panoramio are cool, but it’s really all about getting your pictures into Google Earth. The only bummer is that the pictures aren’t uploaded in real time. Instead they only get uploaded once a month. So, you may have to wait a while to see your claim to fame go live.