Packing Tip: What to NOT Pack

Luggage PileTravel Essentials packing tip makes a couple good points.

2-You definitely do not need more than three pairs of shoes.
4-Since you only wear half of what you take, take half to begin with, then wear half of that.




Sure, it depends where you’re going, for how long, and why. If you’re going to Paris on business and then meeting some friends to spend time lounging around the coast of Spain, you will need to pack a variety of items. But you still probably don’t need more than 3 pairs of shoes. Including those flip flops.

I myself find that I always over-pack, even when I’m under-packing. So every time I try to think of what I didn’t wear or use last time, and eliminate that from the packing list. Some things though, I just don’t flex on, such as a clean pair of undies for every day unless I’ve got a laundry stop or facilities planned in to the trip. Another handy tip that most of you should already know, is bring a plastic kitchen-type garbage bag with drawstrings. It works great for shoving your dirty clothes into and keeping them separated from your clean stuff.