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OverBoard Pro Sport MP3 Case

OverBoard Pro Sport MP3 Case – Waterproof iPod Case

The waterproof iPod case by UK based company, Over Board, is a pleasant change from many of the other iPod cases on the market. Designed especially for water based activities, this waterproof iPod case works well for simple outdoor activities.

Many of the waterproof iPod cases I have used in the past were great, but the one thing that bother me was the case its self. The cases were always made out of hard plastic and rather bulky. Thats fine and dandy for rough outdoor activities like kayaking, climbing, extreme climates, etc; but what about when your not doing that kind of stuff? Who wants a bulky waterproof iPod cases bouncing around on thier arm while they try to jog or pulling off their swimsuit during a few laps?

Quick facts on this waterproof iPod case:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Submersable to 19ft
  • Floats if dropped in water
  • Protects from dust, sand, and dirt
  • Built in gold headphone jack
  • Comes with arm band

Over Boards waterproof iPod case is anything but large and bulky. The case has a slim design and is basicly a heavy duty waterproof bag designed specifically for iPods and other MP3 players. This waterproof iPod case is filled with sealed air pockets. These pockets keep your iPod afloat if you were to drop it over board.(get it?!)

While the air pockets work to keep your iPod afloat, they aren’t so jam packed with air that its a pain to keep under water. So if you want to use the waterproof iPod case while you swim or do your water work out, you can.

Works well with:

  • iPod Touch
  • Nano
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Mini
  • Shuffle
  • And many other MP3 Players of similar sizes

The best part about this waterproof iPod case is that you can buy the case and waterproof headphones for less than the cost of many of the other hardshell iPod cases. The Over Board waterproof iPod case and headphones cost about $57.00.

Final Thoughts:
You cant argue with the price, thats for sure. I would really only trust this waterproof iPod case to protect from splashes, but not submersion. Maybe it will work fine, but Im not about to test it with me iPod video. If you need something to protect your iPod around the pool, on the boat, or from the rain; then this is a good buy. For more water intensive sports like kayaking, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Whats your take on the Over Board waterproof iPod case? Do you like it better than the hardshell type cases?