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Outdoor Gear for Kids

kids outdoor gear
Is your toddler the next Jack Erouac or William Clark? If so, then they need the proper gear for their first steps into the wild. Here is a list of some of the best places to find children’s outdoor gear.

1. Upside Over
A great website that specializes in nothing but children’s outdoor gear. From paddle sports, to Cycling, they have at all.

2. REI
We all know the name, and now your kids will too. REI has a great selection of children’s gear to get them started. You can find tons of kids clothing here and a little bit of everything else.
Here you can find a lot of name brands like North Face Arcteryx, and more. Not only can you find plenty of outdoor gear and clothing for kids, but you can even find some stuff for the wee ones.
4. Outside Baby
These guys cater more to the chic crowd, but don’t let that turn you away. They have some really nice clothes for kids. Not so much children’s gear here, but more gear for helping parents get their kids outside, like this cooler backpack.

Do you know any other resources for quality outdoor gear for kids? Please share!