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Our Favorite Backpacking Stoves

Its seems like days of having to build a camp fire to cook while backpacking are pretty much forever gone. Aside from its major impact on the environment, camp fires are just extremely inefficient. Today, we have a variety of backpacking stoves that are far superior. There are all kinds of backpacking stoves on the market these days. From all in one personal cooking systems to backpacking stoves that are so small they could fit in your jacket pocket. It all depends on your needs and budget to determine the right backpacking stove for you.

Probably one of the most impressive features of modern backpacking stoves is their sheer size. Overall, backpacking stoves continue to get smaller, more compact, and light weight. While a smaller backpacking stove is nice for the obvious reasons of less weight and lass pack real estate; the smaller size is also nice for another reason. typically, these smaller stoves are a lot easier to clean and repair in the filed, which is always a plus.

Another nice innovation in the world of backpacking stoves are the all in one cooking systems. These types of backpacking stoves are great because not only do they include everything you need to make a backcountry meal, but they are often self contained. This means all of your cooking wear and stove are in a compact unit they work cohesively with one another, making the entire cooking and packing process near dummy proof.

Here are some backpacking stoves we have reviewed:

All and all, there are some really impressive backpacking stoves on the market at the moment. In my opinion, the entire MSR line of stoves are nothing short of impressive. To me, they have really set the standard in backpacking stoves. If you are in the market for a personal cooking system, I would have to suggest the JetBoil line of stoves and accessories.