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Osprey Talon 33 Review

Osprey Talon 33 – A daypack on steroids.

In my opinion, one of the key features of any daypack is a good harness and hipbelt. Often, it seems like pack makers throw on hipbelts as an after thought. The hipbelts are there, but they don’t do much. On the Osprey Talon 33, the hipbelts and harness don’t even feel evident. Not because of poor design, but quite the opposite.

According to testers, the hipbelt and harness are, “…so light and flexible it’s hard to tell you have them on, and the Talon has great freedom of motion.”


The key features of the Talon 33 for travelers, are the well placed pockets. There are two pockets on each shoulder strap. The pockets are perfect for cell phones, keys, snacks, and other small must haves. In addition to the shoulder pockets, there are two massive hipbelt pockets. These pockets are big enough for hats, gloves, waterproof cameras, and other bulky items that you may need at a moments notice.

Another feature I thought was cool on the Osprey Talon 33, was the outer hydration system pocket. If you have ever tried to put a full bladder into a stuffed pack, you’ll know why this feature is great.

Just like the Marmot Eiger 45 backpack, it is relatively pocketless on the back, a great feature for travelers. The Osprey Talon 33 also has an optional rain fly. This is perfect for traveling the Americas in rainy season or as some added protection from would be thieves.

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