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Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch

Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch – A watch that does more than just tell time.
Dick Tracy and James Bond have got nothing on the Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch. Ok, well maybe James Bond does, but the Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch is nothing short of impressive. It packs so many features that it is more like a mini computer than a watch. Who needs a pretty Rolex that can only tell time when you could have a watch that predicts the weather, logs altimeter points, and can tell you the temperature?

The has so many amazing features that you better be prepared to sit down and read the instruction manual for a bit. This isn’t one of those watches you can just mess around with the buttons with to figure out how it works. No sir, the Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch is truly a mini computer.

The Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch has a variety of sensors that can calculate accurate data on directional information, altitude, temperature, and barometric information. Weather information is calculated based on local trend information and is displayed in a easy to understand graphic indicator. This weather forecasting tool can aid you in planing your assent or day hike.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $189

Why they rock:

  • Highly accurate temperature sensor with 0.1-degree resolution displays current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • One-touch access to altimeter (barometric pressure based) and compass information on main display for simplified viewing
  • Altimeter with 1-meter resolution also features altitude trend graph over the past 8 hours and has an operational range between -2296 and 29,520 feet
  • Records up to 75 individual altimeter data points into memory logbook by storing date, time and altitude for each point
  • High-sensitivity digital compass offers 60 cardinal direction indicators, along with standard degree reading, so you can quickly find which way to go
  • Declination-adjustable compass features a bearing tracking lock function to help ensure user stays on track
  • Watch also includes 1/100-second chronometer with lap and split times; 99 lap memories can be stored in up to a maximum of 99 runs
  • Watch function also has two daily alarms and a handy hourly chime
  • Soft blue electroluminescent backlight for easy nighttime viewing; note: EL backlight can interfere with compass readings–see manual for details
  • Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters for worry free operation in wet conditions

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

The Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch is awesome because it has a world of features to it, but whats really cool about it is the price. While still mildly expensive, the Origo Granite Peak Multi-Function Watch easily compares to other similar watches that cost twice as much. For $200 you really get more than you paid for.

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Amazon: $189